The Truth About Older Men Dating Younger Women

Ah yes…the May December romance. For those that are not familiar with this phrase, it refers to a younger woman that is dating an older man. It alludes to the gap on the calendar between the ages of each partner. While these types of relationships have always been around, it seems as though they are even more prevalent in this day and age.

Younger men with older women are also becoming more common. Perhaps it`s just a matter of people looking for their best match, regardless of age. However, there will always be those who don`t agree with such relationships.

For the most part, when a younger woman is dating an older man, the woman is looking for something. Of course, at some level, the older man is, too, but in general terms (there are always exceptions) it`s the younger partner that has more of a reason for being with the older one. The disparity in age can vary, but it generally needs to be more than ten years, relative to the woman`s age, before it will be labeled as a May December romance and raise eyebrows among less enlightened people.

It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it`s not uncommon for younger women to be looking for a potential husband. Let`s face it, men tend to mature at a slower rate than most women. For this reason, a man that is several years older than a woman will usually have the things she is seeking in a mate.

Things like false bravado are not nearly as appealing as a deep-seated confidence and stability. Other qualities they may latch onto are the ability to support her and their future family, inner strength, and being able to look at things in the long term. In short, the woman is looking for the type of man she can be comfortable settling down with. Whether the man wants this or not doesn`t matter so much when this is the reason behind the relationship. (There are many other reasons for such relationships, though.)

It just so happens that most of the traits women are looking for in men are more present in men that are older. And even if it isn`t really the case, the perception that older men are better providers, more mature and more civilized is still widespread. This is why older men dating younger women has been around for as long as it has, and it seems it is more popular today than it ever has been before. At the same time, the men get something out of the relationship, too…a younger woman. Even in the modern world, people equate youth with beauty and fun; that`s what the older man gets from the unspoken bargain.

As long as we discussed the idea of younger women being interested in marriage, it should be noted that not all men are looking for the ideal wife when they are dating younger women. Though it is somewhat rare, older men dating younger women can actually lead to true love. Ultimately, regardless of how long such relationships last, both parties get something they need from it.

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