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Ryan Seacrest Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Ryan Seacrest, the man who is often referred to as the most hardworking person in Hollywood is now facing allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct, from his own former employees.

The Star Ryan Seacrest came from a middle-class family, whose father is United States Army Veteran. And over the years the actor becomes a host for various popular Live TV Shows which he himself is producing such as Keeping Up with Kardashians, American Idol, American Top 40, and the Radio Show “On Air With Ryan Seacrest”. As well as Co-hosting popular shows such as “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve, etc. Because of this active role in various shows, he attained the name of the Most Hardworking person in Hollywood. 

Ryan Seacrest Childhood

Moreover, the star has achieved various awards over the years for hosting or producing multiple popular TV Shows. For instance, receiving the Emmy Award Nomination for American Idol consecutively for more than 9 years. And receiving nominations in categories such as Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment and Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Back in the year 2010, he won his first Emmy Award for producing Jamie Oliver Food Revolution and was also nominated for the Emmy for the same shown once again in the year 2012.

Ryan Seacrest Wins Emmys

Early Life of Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest Early Life

Ryan John Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974, in Atlanta City of Georgia State, United States of America. His father, who served as a Lieutenant in the United States Army, was then working as a Real Estate Lawyer. The Star comes from a military background family, as his Grand Father Henry Gene Skeen served as a United States Army General. During the age of 14, he attended Dunwoody High School, where he won an internship opportunity at radio station WSTR 94.1. This internship helped the star producer, to learn many important aspects of Radio from the popular radio host Tom Sullivan. 

Furthermore, the Star Ryan Seacrest continued to work for this Radio Station, until he graduated from Dunwoody High School. He then joined the Local Athens Radio Station while studying Journalism at the University of Georgia. After completing the under graduation pr degree, the star at the age of 19, planned to move to Hollywood to start his career. He got his first opportunity as a host in the year 1993, for the First Seasons of ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge. During which he also hosted other popular kids’ TV shows like Gladiators 2000, Click and Wild Animal Games.

Radical Outdoor Challenge Show

Ryan Seacrest’s Sexual Conduct Lawsuit

Suzie Hardy

Suzie Hardy, a former hairstylist for the Cable Channel E has stated that she has faced sexual misconduct multiple times last year from the Star Ryan Seacrest on various occasions. The former employee bought light into the allegations recently when she did an interview with Variety News Magazine. Although, the Star denied these allegations as baseless and claimed that the former employee was trying to degrade his name & fame. However, these incidents involving Ryan Seacrest’s Sexual Conduct were also witnessed by another employee of the Cable Channel E. Who reported during the interview, that the star was deliberately trying to take advantage of Suzie Hardy with insensitive comments and actions. He further stated an incident where he spotted Ryan Seacrest grabbing Suzie Hardy from behind, while the victim shouts at the star, to leave me alone.

Sexual Conduct Allegations

The alleged Victim Suzie Hardy said that she had endured this sexual aggression from the Star Host and Producer for a period of two years, as this was her only job opportunity to meet the needs of her only child and family. Although, before quitting the job position, she stated that, she has reported this sexual misconduct claims to the HR Department of the cable Channel. Who has not taken any action against Ryan Seacrest due to his popularity and fame in the Hollywood Industry? While the star come forward to the media and denied all the allegations against him publicly multiple times. However, the main concern for the star in the upcoming Oscars Award Program where he is hosting, after facing such type of allegation from a former employee. 

Channel E

After the Alleged victim or the former employee made the sexual conduct case public, The Cable Channel E said to have conducted an independent review of the incidents. And has reported that it did not find sufficient evidence to support the Lawsuit against Ryan Seacrest. This further caused an outcry from many people, as they are not happy with how the star has been escaping from committing such horrible crimes. Moreover, the star claimed that the victim in this incident has multiple times asked compensation from him, to drop the case. To which he stated that he refused.

Attorney Howard King

However, after commenting on this statement in public, his then-Attorney Howard King refused to answer the calls to support the claims made by the Star. Further, increasing the doubt on the comments made by the star, as it is not publicly supported or backed by his own attorney. Which in turn, also caused the Public to doubt the result of the independent investigation made by the Cable Channel E Company. As many doubt that the star has bought the channel in turn so that his fame and status are not affected by the allegations.

In addition to this, the Private Investigator hired by the Cable Channel E Company conducted interviews three times with the alleged Victim Suzie Hardy. Who reported after the interviews that the investigator was solely focused on whitewashing the incident rather than delving into the truth behind the incident. Furthermore, she reported that the investigator did not even contact the many witnesses she has attached to her lawsuit.

Suzie Hardy on Set

These claims made by Suzie Hardy reveal the truth that Cable Channel E is more invested in its relationship with the Star Host and Producer Ryan Seacrest than in its former employee claims. As the company would have suffered many losses if the star goes down in this case. 

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