Morning Joe slams Josh Hawley for supporting Canadian insurrectionists after fueling Jan. 6 riot

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann trashed Republican senators who have thrown their lot with Canadian insurrectionists.

A group of truckers and assorted right-wing extremists have shut down parts of Ottawa and a border crossing into the U.S. as part of their protest against vaccine mandates, and GOP senators and conservative media figures have expressed their support for the increasingly costly demonstration — and the “Morning Joe” panelists were appalled.

“This group of truckers in Canada, which is a G7 country, huge American ally, a trillion dollars in trade across the border, their stated objective, however implausible, is to overthrow the Canadian government — that’s what they’re saying,” Heilemann said. “They’re insurrectionists. When in the past have Republican politicians in the United States Senate stood up and declared their allegiance to an out-front declared insurrectionist group trying to throw the duly elected government of an American ally?”

“I point it out not because the guys are going to overthrow the government of Canada, but the sympathy with insurrectionists is a thing in the Republican Party,” Heilemann added.

Scarborough said the right had become the things they most despised.

“The right is having its hippie moment,” Scarborough said. “They are attacking institutions, they are supporting insurrections against the government, they’re saying that the United States military — they hate the military. They’re saying the military is taking helicopters from Afghanistan and they’re coming to America to kill Trump supporters. They’re saying that the FBI, that the FBI is scurrilous and they’re going to kick down doors and they’re going to arrest people and drag them off for being Trump voters. They’re saying all of this stuff. They are saying that nobody at any university can be trusted. I mean, why don’t they just take over the president’s office at Columbia University. This is a carbon-copy cutout of what we conservatives reacted against in the ’60s. This is what created Ronald Reagan and now we’ve gone a full circle.”

Scarborough singled out Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) for raising campaign funds selling mugs with the infamous image of himself holding up his fist in solidarity with the U.S. Capitol rioters.

“When you turn around to the other side does it have American flags bashing cops’ brains in?” Scarborough said. “He’s proud of that and proud of that day when cops got their brains bashed in by American flags. Many thought they were going to die and two committed suicide after because of the trauma and horror of that day.”

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