Morning Joe shreds gobbledygook Durham filing targeting Hillary Clinton

According to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, the latest legal filing by special counsel John Durham accusing the campaign of Hillary Clinton of spying on Donald Trump’s White House is nothing more than “gobbledygook” designed to rile up the former president’s friends and give Fox News hosts something to meltdown over.

As CNN has reported, Durham “accused a lawyer for the Democrats of sharing with the CIA in 2017 internet data purported to show Russian-made phones being used in the vicinity of the White House complex, as part of a broader effort to raise the intelligence community’s suspicions of Donald Trump’s ties to Russia shortly after he took office.”

The report added, “The accusation — which Durham couched in vague, technical language in a court filing late Friday — has been seized upon by Trump and his supporters, who claim the former President was subjected to a smear campaign.”

According to Scarborough, who also previously practiced law before becoming a lawmaker and then TV host, he read the filing and said there is nothing in it that he could find.

“I spent yesterday reading through this stuff, reading through Durham’s indictment,” the MSNBC host exclaimed while holding up a copy of the NY Post hyping up the story as “Hillary the Spy.”

“Seriously, I don’t know who wrote that because it was gobbledygook. Did it happen during the Trump administration, the spying on the — then you had editorials saying Hillary should be hung at high noon. Of course, they didn’t charge her with anything or suggest she did anything wrong or we don’t really know when this happened, and you sit there going, ‘wait a second?’ It really is the biggest cluster–,” he continued before co-host Mika Brzezinski cut him off before he completed the obscenity.

Watch below:

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