Man Charged With Murder in Shooting at Protest in Portland

As they were working, she said, a man approached them and screamed that they were “violent terrorists,” repeatedly called them a misogynist vulgarity and accused them of being responsible for violence in the city. The women were about a block from where Mr. Smith lives.

She said he threatened them, saying, “If I see you come past my house, I’ll shoot you.”

Ms. Beck said that Ms. Knightly approached the man and said: “You’re not going to scare us. You’re not going to intimidate us.”

The gunman then shot Ms. Knightly in the face, Ms. Beck said.

Ms. Beck said that she was shot twice, and that she saw two of her friends, including Ms. Knightly, on the ground, covered in blood.

The police declined to provide a motive for the attack, saying that it remained under investigation.

A search warrant was executed at Mr. Smith’s apartment over the weekend, according to his roommate, Kristine Christenson, 33, who said she had lived with him for seven years.

Mr. Smith, a machinist, had become more and more radicalized in recent years, Ms. Christenson said.

“He talked about wanting to shoot people all the time, how much he hated Antifa and Black Lives Matter and ‘those damn commies,’” she said.

Ms. Christenson said that Mr. Smith wore a shirt that said “Kyle Rittenhouse true patriot,” referring to the Illinois man who was acquitted of criminal charges after he fatally shot two men and wounded another during protests of police conduct in Kenosha, Wis., in 2020.