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‘I look good’: Lizzo celebrates weight gain in latest social media post

As you get hit by the weight loss wave in the New Year, remember to be kind to yourself. Just because the world is celebrating a certain body type, does not mean you have to jump on the bandwagon, too.

Singer and rapper Lizzo, who has always been a champion of body positivity — being plus-size herself — took to Instagram to share a new milestone in her life: weight gain.

In true ‘Lizzo style’, she celebrated gaining a few kilos by dancing around in her bathroom, wearing a swimsuit. The 33-year-old grooved to ‘Rodeo‘ by City Girls. “I gained weight💅🏾

,” she captioned the post.

In the past, the singer has talked about body image issues. In February 2021, for instance, she had shared a video in which was seen talking to her belly, showing gratitude to her body. In the caption, she wrote, “I started talking to my belly this year. Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises. I used to want to cut my stomach off. I hated it so much. But it’s literally ME. I am learning to radically love every part of myself.”

Speaking with actor and gender activist Jameela Jamil, Lizzo — whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson — had also revealed that at one point, when she looked into the mirror, she wanted to be someone else. “I definitely didn’t see a lot of people looking like me in the media. The Black women I saw were all really light-skinned or had straight blonde hair and I wanted that. I wanted to look like that. But when I looked into the mirror, all I wanted was to be someone else. I didn’t want to change small parts of myself, I wanted to change in entirety. I wished I could wake up and be a sailor moon.”


Naturally, it took her a while to start to understand, appreciate and love herself for who she is.

All of us are work-in-progress, and it takes effort to fall in love with your flaws. But having celebrities embrace theirs sets the right kind of example. Don’t you agree?

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