Green-Eyed Bandit Bigotry: Gizelle Bryant & Robin Dixon Blasted Over James Harden Beard Comments ‘There’s Fried Chicken Grease, Watermelon In It’

Andy, come get your [un]reasonably shady homegirls.

Gizelle and Robyn

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Two Real Housewives of Potomac are getting blasted on social media over crude comments they made about a famed basketball player. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon, also known as the “Green-Eyed Bandits”, are catching criticism for comments they made about James Harden on their “Reasonably Shady” podcast.

James Harden

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During a conversation that Gizelle started about the bearded basketball player being traded to the Sixers, Gizelle lamented about Harden’s beard being “the most disgusting thing she’s ever seen.”  She then went left and started making stereotypical remarks about what might be in the basketball player’s facial hair, and Robyn jumped in. Gizelle alleged that the baller had “fried chicken and fried chicken grease” in his beard. Other items ticked off that could possibly be in Harden’s beard included Colt 45s and blunt ashes.

“Watermelon?” asked Robyn on the podcast while chuckling about them possibly being “racist.”


Some people are now alleging that Bravo will turn a blind eye to the comments about the Bandits because they always get a “pass” while others think that the comments “aren’t that serious.”

The Green-Eyed Bandits have previously faced rumors that they benefit from light skin privilege and/or perpetuate colorism.

Gizelle and Robyn’s #RHOP counterparts Candiace Dillard and Dr. Wendy Osefo have openly spoken about colorism playing a part in the dynamics amongst the Real Housewives of Potomac.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

Candiace previously implied that fellow housewife Ashley Darby gets a light skin privilege pass.

“Because she’s light-skinned. There. It was said. I said it. Now, let’s see how fast it gets around.”

[…] “Having light skin imbues one w/ a certain level of privilege that darker hued counterparts are not allotted. Standards are different. Implicit biases spewed by the outside world run different. Sometimes it works in their favor, sometimes not. But the privilege is always there.”

She later added exclusively to BOSSIP;

“There are double standards, there are buzz words and dog whistles used like “aggressive”, “doing too much” violent” or “angry” that are specifically used towards people who look like me or Wendy that are not used when someone who’s light behaves the same way; rolling their neck, doing all this with the finger, banging on tables—that’s never labeled aggressive.

“If I do it, if Wendy does it–it’s just different,” Candiace added during BOSSIP’s RealityRecap.

Robyn and Gizelle however said that was untrue and laughed it off.

“It was stupid,” said Gizelle when they were later asked by TheJasmineBRAND if they thought Candiace’s colorism statement about Ashley Darby was “reasonable” or “shady.”

“I’ll tell you why, who gets the most shade? Who gets the most backlash? Who gets the most hateration? This girl or this girl,” she added pointing to herself and Robyn Dixon.

Robyn Dixon then chimed in.

“Ashley’s spent three seasons being dragged by the fans and the only reason why Ashley has gone to better favor of the fans and because we got to see a different side of her as a mother. I think people have short memories, Candaice’s memory is a little short…”

“Ashely does not say half the things Candiace says that are bad,” added Gizelle.

What do YOU think about the GEB’s James Harden comments? “Kitchen table talk” or something more along the lines of prejudice?