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Grammys 2022: celebrity astrologist picks the night’s biggest winners

Music’s biggest night is upon us: the 64th Grammy Awards.

Recognizing the best recordings, compositions and artists, the Recording Academy will debut an elegant star-studded event packed with hot performances. The world awaits what’s in store! Hosted by Trevor Noah, the event will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022 at 8 P.M. (Eastern).

Billie Eilish, BTS and Olivia Rodrigo are among the music superstars set to hit the stage—while others, such as Kanye West have been axed from the list. With an extensive list of nominations—and despite the setbacks brought by the pandemic—everything seems to be moving full steam ahead!

With this year’s artist’s eligibility year running from September 1, 2020, to September 30, 2021, I wanted to bring an industry insider to help deliver insight into what we can expect. Join me and celebrity music producer, Craig J Snider, who has worked for some of the biggest names in the business as we immerse ourselves in the art, sex and scandal of music’s biggest night because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Grammys astrology zodiac sign
The astrology of this year’s Grammys shows a lot is in store!

Predictions for the fashion and mood at the 64th Grammy Awards

The 64th Academy Awards will be taking place on April 3, 2022 this year—as opposed to normal programming during January or February of the year. When it comes to the astrology of this particular date we can note a few different factors—which will actually favor celebrities in a different way. The Sun and Mercury will be in Aries—still united in a close dance. The Grammy’s will also take place shortly after a new moon—which paves the way to fresh starts, new beginnings and exciting new opportunities. Aries is the zodiac sign of the leader and the first sign on the wheel.

Energetically, we can sense that this particular event will favor new artists because of it. This will bring a frenetic and fiery vibration to this event, favoring pioneers, trailblazers and those who break the mold. This is further intensified with Venus and Mars in Aquarius—further encouraging people to express themselves eccentrically, boldly and unconventionally. By and large, this particular event will feel more euphoric and social, as parties will be present across the world as people celebrate being able to be together once again. When it comes to the Grammy’s fashion this year: the new, the eccentric, the unusual and the avant-garde will be the way celebs are showing up—and those that follow this more daring approach will end up garnering more press and attention.

Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars

As for music that will take home the ‘big wins,’ it will be the ones that are more experimental and draw attention to unconventionality, unique relationships and those that go boldly in the direction of freedom of expression. Spirituality, fantasy and mystical themes will also do quite well because of Jupiter in Pisces. One other important note to make will be that the Moon will be travelling through Taurus on this day—which favors luxury, elegance and refinement—but because Uranus will be shaking things up, there will certainly be impulsive and provoked emotional outbursts and drama that happens on camera and behind-the-scenes.

When it comes to some of the hottest stars, Craig J Snider and I put our heads together to pick out the ones that will be snatching crowns, stirring the pot and causing all sorts of commotion!

Predictions for what’s hot in music in 2021 and 2022

Craig J Snider:Despite the Grammys being an “awards show,” music—and all art, for that matter—isn’t ultimately about winning: it’s about creating. The true win here is when artists create great art that makes you think, feel, question, aspire and hope. Some of the best of this year’s music is about diversity in collaboration. Hundreds of diverse talents and personalities go into making a hit: whether it’s a Justin Bieber anthem, a simple duet between Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga, or a banger from Lil Nas X and Miley Cyrus. We celebrate a creative culture that accepts and embraces our diversity as human beings. 2022 is the year of the cross genre collaborations—and we hear it loud and clear.”

Doja Cat

Doja Cat astrology
Doja Cat is primed to win big!
AFP via Getty Images

Doja Cat was born on October 21, 1995. This makes her a Libra Sun with a Virgo Moon. Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ was nominated for Album of the Year, as well as Best Pop Vocal Album. She is up for a total of eight Grammys. When it comes to her astrology on this exact day, we can see that Jupiter, ruling expansion, fame and miracles, will be bringing immense attention to her sector of creativity and expression. The Sun, bringing light, and Mercury, bringing exhilarating news, will also be perfectly linked to her natal Jupiter—guaranteeing big wins. Venus, the planet of beauty and attraction, will also be dancing in sweet harmony with her Sun and Ascendant on this day, too, just as Jupiter kisses Neptune—revealing she’s finally making dreams come true. To say she could win her greatest crowns now is an understatement.

Craig J Snider: “As a multi-genre bending artist, 26-year-old Doja Cat is poised for some Grammy love! Multiple writers contributed to her epic ‘Planet Her,’ which weaves pop, trap, reggaeton and hip-hop into a counter culture femme-centric pop fantasy album. As a vocalist, she seamlessly weaves between rapping one minute and then crooning the next. Each song has its own flavor and flow. She has a unique style and at nineteen tracks there’s something for every fan on this outing!”

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X astrology
Lil Nas X is ready to continue breaking ground!

Lil Nas X was born on April 9, 1999. This makes him an Aries Sun with a Capricorn Moon. This year he’s coming in swinging with a powerhouse list of five Grammys nominations, such as Album of the Year, as well as Song of the Year and Record of the Year (both for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”). When peering into his specific chart on this day, we do see huge amounts of fortune smiling upon him—most notably with the fact that he is nearing his Solar Return. This is when one naturally shines brighter than any other time of the year—when the moving Sun unites with the degrees it was at our first birthday. However, the thing that is most profound and in his favor is that the Sun will also be united with his natal Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which guarantees a great victory. His chart on this day also speaks of a exhilarating excitement, immense energy, sexual fire and celebration—leading me to believe he is certainly likely to score his next big milestone but is unlikely to completely win in a landslide.

Craig J Snider: “At only 22, Lil Nas X continues to break ground after the unexpected success of ‘Old Town Road’ with his next album and single: ‘MONTERO.’ On this outing, the epic Miley Cyrus takes a turn on the melancholy, melodic pop infused single ‘AM I DREAMING.’ He then comes full-circle to a hip-hop joint alongside Doja Cat titled: ‘SCOOP.’ The diverse range, depth and beauty of these songs make this album a strong contender for Album of the Year.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo astrology
Pop princess Olivia Rodrigo is set to become one of the greatest voices of her generation.
Getty Images for MRC

Olivia Rodrigo was born on February 20, 2003. This makes her a Pisces Sun with a Libra Moon. The pop princess is nominated for a total of seven awards this year, including Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Record of the Year. On this exact day, precisely at the onset of event, the Moon will sweep into her sector of art and creativity—and meet with the North Node (which represents destiny). This guarantees a destined, fated win for her on this day—one that will change her life forever. Also, with Saturn in the sky perfectly linking to her natal Saturn on this day, it shows that her past life’s work is paying off at this exact time and she will begin new work moving forward to embrace a full restructure of her life. Mars links to her Saturn, too, showing that accomplishments from previous efforts will come into her awareness. While I absolutely do love how Venus is bringing her immense radiance at this time—I think she’s certain to score a massive win, but I don’t think she’ll end up taking them all.

Craig J Snider: “Hailing from the Disney shows ‘Bizaardvark’ and ‘High School Musical,’ 19-year-old Olivia Rodrigo is a pop prodigy. Her surprise hit ‘Drivers License’ racked up an astonishing 356 million views on YouTube alone and is a strong contender for Song of the Year. Her vocal performance showcases a beautiful range of melancholy over a recent breakup—this generation’s ‘Jagged Little Pill.’ The album title ‘Sour’ is an apt moniker for an auto-biographical journey through a self-proclaimed rough period of her life.’ A fierce debut from the multi-discipline star.”

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish birth chart
Billie Eilish is one of the biggest names inn the industry and she will continue to rise.
Getty Images for Live Nation

Billie Eilish was born on December 18, 2001. This makes her a Sagittarius Sun with an Aquarius Moon. She has been nominated for seven awards this year, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year. By and large, her birth chart is one of the most fabulously aspected of the artists on our list on this exact day this year. Not only is her Ascendant—representing her physical body—shining radiantly with sweet kisses from the planets, but her Sun, ruling her life force, and Midheaven, ruling her career and public recognition are all being energized and amplified. I absolutely love that she is arriving with firepower and guaranteed to annihilate the global audiences with her performance, and she has a high likelihood of taking home many of the awards she is nominated for. She is immensely favored by the cosmos at this time and I am certain she will use this as a catalyst for even more provocative and transformative art. She is a true visionary.

Craig J. Snider: “Billie Eilish, already considered a voice of her generation at the age of 20-years-old, is back with her sophomore effort: ‘Happier Than Ever.’ The roots of her first SoundCloud smash ‘Ocean Eyes’ are present and accounted for, but as orchestrated in the title cut, she now can go from a whisper to a roar in a heartbeat. She’s older, wiser, more daring…and may we even say happier? Phenomenal songs, profound performances, and significant growth are all present. She is a strong contender for all of her nominations.”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift birth chart astrology
Taylor Swift will certainly be recognized, but has had even better stars in her favor in the past.
Getty Images for Amazon

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989. This makes her a Sagittarius Sun with a Cancer Moon. She is nominated for Album of the Year for ‘evermore.’ While I certainly see a great zest for life, exhilarating energy and a high eagerness to pursue her goals on this date—especially with Mars linking sweetly with her Sun, she’s actually not quite as favored cosmically as she has been in the past. In fact, a great deal of challenges are being thrown at her astrologically at this time, with the Sun clashing with her Saturn and Neptune—creating a sense of limitations and hardship, as well as confusion—on this exact day. The Moon will also be facing off with her Pluto, creating a tense vibe around her and female figures, as deep-rooted emotions that had long been buried come to the surface of her mind. Luckily, she does have Jupiter smiling upon her Sun—which could certainly bring her a win—but this year’s Grammys feels more like a turning point as she assesses where she is, where she seeks to go and how she will choose to get there.

Craig J Snider: “At 32-years-old, Taylor Swift has been to the heights of global domination. She is currently the most streamed female artist—ever—with a record 122.9 million listens in one day! She has always experimented with different influences since her early Nashville days and this latest outing is no exception. The cinematic and haunting title track ‘evermore’ with Bon Iver to the HAIM collab ‘no body no crime’ are beautiful and hypnotic additions to her canon of work. Another winner for Taylor Swift, no doubt.”

Kanye West

Kanye West birth chart zodiac sign
Kanye West has been banned from performing at this year’s Grammys.
Getty Images

Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977. This makes him a Gemini Sun with a Pisces Moon. He was nominated for five awards at this year’s ceremony, including Album of the Year for ‘Donda.’ This year, as the planets shift, we can see that yes, despite recent tumultuous situations in his personal life, West is certainly favored. The Sun will link to his Jupiter, bringing expansive luck and growth. Yet, it was tremendously wise of the Grammys committee to do their best to rein him in, as the Sun will link to his Saturn, making West feel oppressed and limited, as well as to his Neptune, bringing him high levels of delusion and confusion.

The Sun will also stand in an exact opposition to his Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. Often, this brings dramatic events, outbursts and power struggles. Then, to add further cosmic intensity, Mercury, the planet of communication, peers upon his Sun, Jupiter and Neptune, too—promising a high level of mental activity and an immense desire within him to express himself and find his ideas praised, honored and respected. While I do think he could come home with at least one award, it is highly unlikely he will sweep his awards as much as he likely hopes to.

Craig J Snider: “What can one say about Ye that hasn’t been said before? No matter how you feel about how he expresses his views, he is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats in the hip-hop genre. This album was created during a period of great change and duress. ‘Donda,’ the title song, features his great late mother with reflective biographical insight, while he dives into a dystopian vision in ‘Heaven and Hell.’ Classic Ye breaking boundaries and taking no prisoners.”

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