About Us

Who we are

The Bonus Wellness Life Style Magazine was established in July 2020. LSM informing and educating users and visitors, and supporting innovative programs.

Bonus wellness Lifestyle is zest with stay motive That We permit you to
anticipate duty for your personal fitness and well-being & nurture our collective well being Programs on Health, weight loss, Relationship, Fitness, Vitamins, Health Insurance, Refinancing Tips.
Bonus wellness lifestyle connectedness to nature We can pick to embody well being as a manner of existence to get right of access to our more capacity and to stay with zest, liberated from limiting and reactive fashions of cure and prevention on my own. As resilient beings, our bodies hold the innate intelligence and capability for regeneration and recuperation, given the right situations and aid. We can faucet into that functionality through self care practices springing up from focus and determined picks.

Our vision

All our users and visitors achieve the best possible health, weight loss, etc.

Our mission

Provide information to improve the lifestyle of our users and visitors through education and innovative programs.

Our goals

  • Educate the public
  • Educate lifestyle professionals
  • Support innovative programs