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30 Awkward Met Gala Moments That Will Make You Cringe *So* Hard

Sure, the Met Gala is “fashion’s biggest night out.” But sometimes celebrities can get carried away. Once a year, the biggest stars in the world trek up the steps of the famous museum in hopes of making the best ~fashun-y~ statement. We’ve seen horses, double heads, and hamburgers hit the red carpet (more on that later), interview blunders, awkward kisses, and for some reason a lot of James Corden. So, if you’re ready to literally feel your entire body quaking with cringe, check out these awkward Met Gala moments.

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When Keke Palmer had no clue who Brooklyn Beckham was. (2021)


When Zooey Deschanel and Reese Witherspoon couldn’t pronounce Cara Delevingne’s name. (2014)

When the actresses tried their best to pronounce Cara Delevingne’s name, it didn’t go well. But it did give me an idea of what it would be like to party with Jessica Day and Elle Woods. Sign me up!


When Jaden Smith brought his hair as a date. (2017)


When the camera men made comments about Lady Gaga’s transformation. (2019)

The cringey part of this doesn’t have anything to do with Lady Gaga, but rather the camera men who didn’t realize their voices were being picked up on microphones during her not-so-quick changes. And yes, I did watch all 17 minutes of it to give you the funniest lines:

“It’s so whimsy!”
“Another dress???”
“She’s reenacting all of her songs, I guess.”
“It’s gonna be her fussing around for awhile.”
“Why??? Why???”
“OH NO. SHE’S BACK.” (As Gaga does another outfit change.)
“I never thought I’d say this, but PLEASE Gaga, get off the carpet!”


When Addison Rae called her 2003 dress “vintage.” (2021)

I’m the guy in the back filming the exact moment I officially realized I’m *ancient*.


When Justin Bieber made a shout-out to Selena Gomez. (2015)

Justin kept an eye out for Selena at the 2015 Met Ball. Without a single person asking him about her, he shouted while leaving: “Yo Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!” Going to TMZ doesn’t seem like the best way to win back an ex, but what do I know?


When Kim Kardashian arrived shrouded in mystery. (2021)

She took “Kim, there’s people that are dying!” a little too seriously and went to the Met Gala as the Grim Reaper.


When Hayden Panettiere tripped on the steps. (2014)

Pssssttt, Hayden: Being #relatable and tripping up stairs is Jennifer Lawrence’s thing, mmmkay?


When Jennifer Lawrence photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker. (2013)


When Frank Ocean brought a robot baby. (2021)

If you have trouble sleeping tonight, blame this image of Frank Ocean and his robot alien child that moves and blinks on its own.


When Kylie and Kendall Jenner wore all of the feathers. (2019)

It’s as if they went to a craft store to get dressed. TBH, the memes that followed were everything.


When Jenni Konner, Lena Dunham, and Joe Jonas all matched. (2017)

“We should totally start a band called Maroon 3!!!” But really, showing up to the Met Gala in pretty much the exact same outfit as not one, but two other people???


When Katy Perry dressed as a cheeseburger. (2019)

This California girl must really love her In-N-Out. Not the most elegant Met Gala look, but definitely the cheesiest 🍔.


When Liv Tyler and Stella McCartney showed up…underdressed. (1999)

Two of the biggest icons of the ’90s wore T-shirts handmade by Stella McCartney, who had no idea what the Met Gala was, just that the theme was “Rock Style.” Like I said: icons.


When Stella McCartney stepped on Rihanna’s dress. (2014)

Nope, that’s not toilet paper on Stella McCartney’s shoe, it’s the skirt she designed for Rihanna. Tag yourself in this pic: I’m Reese Witherspoon, watching from afar and too nervous to get involved.


When a streaker tried to crash the red carpet. (2014)

Celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk tried to (what else?) prank Hollywood by baring it all at the Met Gala entrance. You’re welcome for cropping this picture.


When The Weeknd and Selena Gomez kissed. (2017)

Look at these crazy kids in love. While their debut as a couple was pretty cute—and they both looked gorg—this slightly awkward and badly-timed photo made the rounds back in 2017.


When Bennifer had an intimate mask kiss. (2021)

Check out the weirdest Met Gala kiss ever by farrr. TOTALLY living for J.Lo’s rustic cowboy look btw!


When James Corden kinda shaded Keke Palmer. (2021)

Maybe he was just cranky from all that Carpool Karaoke traffic, but when Keke asked James about his outfit, he said, “It’s a black tux. Let’s not start getting carried away.” In his defense, it does seem like he was just joking in the video, but cringe-y nonetheless.


When James Corden stood on his tippy toes. (2021)


When a dog stole the whole dang show. (2021)

When the stars were busy showing off for the cameras, this cutie went viral after being caught staring into the abyss questioning all of her life choices. A.k.a. me after Bottomless Brunch. Anyway, turns out her name is Vail! 😍


When Nicki Minaj and Demi Lovato feuded. (2016)

The singers attended the event as representatives for designer Jeremy Scott, meaning they had to pose next to each other pretty much the whole night. If they look unhappy, that’s because they were. Demi shared more about the night on social media in a now-deleted post: “This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last met #sof*ckingawkward #notforme.” Yikes.


When Solange and Jay-Z got into a fight in an elevator. (2014)


When Rita Ora made it clear she’s not “Becky.” (2016)

In the middle of the “Becky with the good hair” drama, many fans speculated that Jay-Z’s mistress was singer Rita Ora. She famously wanted to clear her name so bad that she wore a pin that said “NOT BECKY” to a Met Gala afterparty.


When 2 Chainz proposed…for a second time. (2018)

After 2 Chainz popped the question to Kesha Ward on the red carpet, congratulations poured in from fans everywhere. Everyone was left confused, though, when it came out that they’ve actually been engaged since 2013. Funny enough, the first proposal was at the BET Awards. What a coincidence…


When Jared Leto carried around his own head. (2019)

The world already has a hard time keeping up with one Jared Leto, but two?? Nope, nope, nope. Don’t like that.


When Lady Gaga and Kate Hudson collided. (2016)

I’ll excuse the singer for quite literally crashing into Kate Hudson, stepping on her dress, and basically flashing the cameras in the process. Why? Two words: Those shoes.


When Adriana Lima had a wardrobe malfunction. (2017)


When Selena Gomez went too heavy with the self-tanner. (2018)

Selena had a bronzer mishap a few years back, and totally owns it. “I look at a photo of myself when I sit down, and I’m completely orange,” she told Vogue about the night. “My first reaction was just to get the hell out of there.”


When Kim Petras dressed like a horse. (2021)

That is all. I have no further comment.

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