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2022 Valentine’s Day horoscope for your zodiac sign is here — and it’s hot

YOU have a hot Valentine’s month ahead of you.

Yes, you.

And every single zodiac sign has a major chance of hot sex and passionate love this year.

Whether you’re single or attached, get ready for a steamy month filled with plenty of fun, intimacy and romance. Be sure to read the general overview beforehand and then skip to your zodiac sign after!

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Unleash your sex and passion

Whoa, there! The stars this month are sizzling — which means that you don’t need to just worry about having a weekend Valentine or an actual one for Feb. 14. In fact, this Valentine’s season is practically packed with orgasmic potential that will make you scream for more, more, more!

Plan some sexy times with your boo, bust out the lingerie or jockstraps and get down and dirty. Lick your baby from head to toe — or just the tip, if you’re a tease. If single, set up a date with someone you think you’ll have chemistry with and watch as the sparks fly. Don’t feel pressured to go all the way right off the bat, but don’t be surprised if you’re ready to taste their lips while your hands roam!

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Valentine’s season could bring explosive love … and sex.
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Mars, the planet of sex and action, links with Jupiter on Feb. 4, which is a Friday. This will make your sex drive, confidence and sense of adventure erupt! You’ll start to feel this fiery energy as early as Feb. 2 and it will linger until Feb. 6. You’ll have all the energy and stamina you need to dive face-first into your babe’s most sensitive parts.

Mars then links with Uranus, the planet of surprise and spontaneity, on Feb. 8. This will encourage you to take chances, step out of your comfort zone and try out some naughty new positions in bed. If single, try dating someone outside of your normal “type.” This energy will start to pump — and hump — in as early as Feb. 5 and will linger to Feb. 10, with the 8th being the strongest. You could end up being so horny that you can start fires with the passion that you feel.

Mars then dances with Neptune, the planet of soulmates, on Feb. 23. That will ignite your sexual hunger immensely, as well as amplify your magnetism and charisma. This is an excellent time for new love or reigniting your rapport with the one at your side. Prepare to feel this fire energizing your heart and your loins as early as Feb. 21 with it lingering until Feb. 25. The rock and roll rhythm between your hips will match the butterflies in your chest. You’ll be ravenous for love, and you’ll beg it to come deeper.

True love could be right around the corner

The snow moon this year takes place on Feb. 16, energizing the entire week that it falls within. This will radiate the constellation of Leo throughout the cosmos, which is the zodiac sign that rules love, courtship, dating and romance. This energy will ignite all of our hearts, regardless of zodiac sign. Yes, you’ll be in the mood for adventure, euphoria and affection!

Valentine’s season will be filled with soulmate connections

One of the rarest and most beautiful astrological alignments will occur when our two cosmic lovers — Venus and Mars — unite in the same place in the sky. They will kiss and embrace on Feb. 16—the same day as the full moon. This powerful energy often brings soulmates into our lives or helps us to grow closer with the one at our side. There is pure, epic potential to meet with a twin flame. If single, do not miss using this energy to set up a very special date. Even though it’s a Wednesday, do something special! No matter who you are, you will be in the mood for love!

Later in the month, on Feb. 24, Venus will dance with Neptune. This will bring out our most caring, sensual and sensitive sides — especially in regards to sexual relations and courtship. Discover imaginative erotic ways to explore your pleasure. Singles could once again link to a genuine soulmate or spiritual connection. If you haven’t hit it off with the perfect one earlier in the month, this special date could also bring fireworks of magic to your heart. But don’t sit back and just wait for it to come to you! Use all of this planetary energy to your advantage by taking action — setting up dates — and opening your heart. You are worthy of the greatest love that has ever been. You just have to put yourself out there, keep looking and believe.

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Every single zodiac sign has cosmic romantic potential this year.
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This Valentine’s season will be quite festive for you, Aries. Whether single or attached, it’d be a great time to plan a double date with some of your besties as you bring along your sweetheart. If looking for love, consider a friend you’ve always lusted after or try your hand at online dating. Love could blossom randomly at social events, too. Mid-month, you will surely feel the flames igniting within your heart.


Taurus zodiac astrology
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Let loose and have fun this Valentine’s season, Taurus! With sweet Jupiter energizing your social sector and Mars firing up your travel zone, you may be considering a quick trip out of town with friends or your sweetheart. If single, ask an acquaintance out that you’ve had your eye on for a while or try your luck on a dating app. Couples may feel the need to have an intimate candlelit dinner at home with their one-and-only to celebrate the holiday.


Prepare to feel the passion in your loins, Gemini! In the month ahead, Mars is paying special attention to heat up your sex life and sense of intimacy. While committed Geminis will enjoy this energy a bit more, singles might be so fired up that they jump into bed with anyone who tickles their fancy! Travel could be quite engaging for you during this time, even if it’s just a quick step out of town with a lover. Luckily, with your planetary ruler awakened, you’ll be seeing clearly in regards to both your mind and your heart.


The upcoming Valentine’s season is all about big commitments for you, Cancer. You could be feeling great excitement as you make adventurous plans with your sweetheart for the years ahead. Single Cancers will be feeling the heat to find their perfect match, so dating will be extremely active and auspicious for them — but make sure you’re looking for someone who wants commitment and not just a casual fling. The vibes of the month will be especially sensual for you, no matter where you stand in your relationships. Try out some new sexual kinks if you’re ready to play!


Relationships will be the top priority for you this Valentine’s season — as well as where you stand, Leo! It’s clear you want to make sure that you’re making promises with the perfect twin flame. Committed Leos will likely make some long-term promises and plans — perhaps even a surprise engagement or decision to move in! Single Leos will be eager for love and may even be tempted into an office or work-related romance. If that cutie you’ve worked with can keep personal and professional separate, you may decide to try it out mid-month.

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Be openhearted in 2022.
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Prepare for a whirlwind of dating, romance and passion, Virgo! With Mars heating up your love and sex life, you’re throwing caution to the wind and diving into your heart! Single Virgos will be on the hunt for a twin flame connection, and with Jupiter energizing your sector of commitments, you may realize that this new connection you’re dancing with could actually be a soulmate! Committed Virgos will also feel that this Valentine’s season is filled with magic, as you enjoy sweet kisses, fiery sex and the chance to reignite your connection quite deeply.


Libra zodiac astrology
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This year’s Valentine’s season has Cupid dancing above you with heart-shaped arrows aimed straight to your heart, Libra! With so much cosmic energy swirling in your favor, all Libras will enjoy the sexy and sweet vibes. Single Libras have an excellent opportunity to be dating around and crossing paths with a soulmate, especially through socializing, attending events or trying your hand at online dating. Committed Libras will have a dazzling chance to have memorable fun with their one-and-only and could even feel the zing of fiery, spontaneous passion that reminds you why you fell in love in the first place.


Valentine’s season this year will have you looking at love like it’s an exhilarating rollercoaster and you’re just about to hit the top, Scorpio! With so much cosmic energy smiling upon you, all Scorpios will rejoice at this time. Some may decide to go on a quick trip with their partner or new flame, just to spice up their routine, while others will feel deeply drawn to nesting and canoodling under candlelight with take-out at home. The soft and sensual moments will warm your heart so deeply at this time, as if your spirit is dancing with a twin flame. Singles will have plenty of chances at a busy dating life, but it’s quite likely one person who teaches you to think outside of the box will rise up to the top. This could be true love, Scorpio. Embrace it.


Switch up your routine, dive into a quick trip with your sweetheart and soar to new horizons this Valentine’s season, Sagittarius. With so much cosmic energy telling you to spread your wings, you’ll likely be ready for a bit of adventure! Even if it’s just a staycation at a nearby hotel, treat yourself and your lover to a spa day and raunchy romp after a bottle of champagne! Single Sagittarians will likely be feeling the heat in their heart and their loins for some TLC, and dating outside of their normal type will likely bring them greater luck at this time.


With Venus, ruling beauty and attraction, and Mars, ruling passion and sex, igniting your zodiac sign, this could be your favorite Valentine’s season ever, Capricorn! No matter if single or attached, you do not need to look far to find romance! Committed Capricorns will be eager to spice up their sex life and get scandalous, while also enjoying plenty of tenderness and affection. Go for a couple’s massage or a night out on the town — whatever sets off fireworks within your hearts! Singles have plenty of opportunities for dating, just make sure that you’re the one taking the lead rather than waiting for it to come to you.

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Love is written in the stars.
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This Valentine’s season will have you craving sensuality, privacy and sweetness behind closed doors, Aquarius. With so much planetary energy encouraging you to lie low, cuddle and smooch at home, you’ll enjoy a low-key time this month. But don’t worry: that doesn’t mean it has to be quiet or dull! In fact, it can be quite sexy if you’re taking the lead and telling your sweetheart what’s on your mind — especially when emotions and sexual fantasies get involved! Mid-month could bring a major decision around relationships, too. Single Aquarians will be deeply focused on stepping into their power this season, so make sure as you’re dating that you find someone who you respect and who respects you.


Pisces astrology zodiac
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Dust off your hottest outfits, Pisces, it’s time to get out on the town! You will find this Valentine’s season to be one of the luckiest of your life, so no matter where you are in your relationships, use this time to help your heart’s light grow. If committed, plan some magical evenings with your partner or even attend some sweet live experiences or events in town. Singles will fare quite well this season, especially by dating in their social network, meeting new people by socializing, or taking the initiative to ask out that cutie through online dating. Love will sparkle around you everywhere you go.

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